Occasionally, events are canceled or postponed by the promoter, artist or venue. Should this occur, we will attempt to contact you to inform you of refund or exchange procedures for that event. For exact instructions on any canceled or postponed event, please check the event information online or contact us. If you purchase a ticket through CurringtonPromotions.com or a Currington Promotions Phone Center, and a refund is issued, then Currington Promotions reserves the right to give you a refund by issuing a credit to the credit card that you used to purchase that ticket or by issuance of a written check. If a ticket is purchased through a Currington Promotions Retail Location and a refund is to be issued for it, then you may only be able to receive the refund by presenting the ticket yourself to the Retail Location where it was purchased.

In order to receive a refund or an exchange that may be offered, you will have to comply with the promoter's, artist or venue's instructions or deadlines, which, along with the decision about whether or not to issue a refund or an exchange, may be at the promoter's, artists or venue's discretion.

If Currington Promotions issues you a refund for a ticket, it will issue a refund of the tickets face value paid (or, if a discounted ticket, then instead the discounted ticket price paid). In no event will shipping, convenience and/or delivery prices or any other fees or amounts be refunded. If a refund is issued, it may be in the form of written check mailed to the purchaser or issued using the same method of payment that was used to purchase the tickets. Currington Promotions will not be liable for travel or any other expenses that you or anyone else incurs in connection with a cancelled or postponed event.

If an event is canceled, please contact us for information on receiving a refund. If the event was moved or rescheduled, the venue or promoter may set refund limitations. Contact us for exact instructions.

Please make sure to include/provide your name, mailing and billing address, telephone number and order number so we can expedite your refund if applicable.

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